Pilot a magnificent vessel that can be a boat, a wagon, or a balloon, as the land and winds require. Overcome your vessel's limitations by spending charges from your engine.


  •  WASD to move
  • J to enter boat mode
  • K to enter Balloon mode
  • L to enter wagon mode

Built with TypeScript and Elm. Source available on BitBucket.

StatusIn development
Rated 1.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Tagsascii, Exploration, Non violent, Roguelike


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Yeah! I reached the destination :)

I liked the exploration gameplay and the level generation looks fine.

Thanks for playing, and for your feedback! 😊

I had fun traveling around the map, and got a delivery made, but it wasn't clear how the engine charge works. Would be nice if there was some kind of challenge -- like a time limit, or an enemy, or some inventory management.

Pretty amazing that the entire map is made of html elements.

It's written in Elm, which is smart so I don't have to be. 😉

I intended to add a speed mechanic (where traveling using the more restricted modes was faster) and cargo like fruit that expires if you don't get to your destination quickly.

Thanks for playing! And for your feedback!

 Nice idea and I <3 elm!  I got to the destination region (0, 5) but couldn't figure out what to do there. 

There should be a '#' symbol. Once you drive onto it your deliveries increase and a new target is chosen somewhere else on the map.

Thanks so much for taking the time to try out my game!